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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Looking Forward.......and Back........

I created several LOs this week that are kind of indicative of what I was/am feeling. Everyone who knows me is aware that I am not fond of winter. OK.......I hate winter with a passion. I desperately need for spring to get here quickly. So, I started the week by creating a LO to remind me of beautiful weather.......and the beauty that existed during my September trip to Hawaii with my son. My son, Jim, published a book with his photos as a gift for me, and dedicated to my husband, that is breathtakingly beautiful. Doing a LO helped me to become a little hopeful that better weather, and a little sun, will soon arrive........or else another trip to Hawaii will be on the horizon!

One of the other LOs I did was to help me remember Art's surprise 60th birthday party, 4 years ago. On Tuesday, March 1, he would have turned 64. This is the 2nd birthday he has not been here to celebrate and it is a most difficult day. I go to Red Lobster for dinner, because it is what we always did........Art thought that was the best place EVER. I'm sure that he is running a franchise up in heaven now! I also have a Mass offered for him on that day. This year, as a special tribute, the 2011 Thunderbird calendar dedicates March to Art and contains a picture of our son's 2002 Ford Thunderbird convertible. Art loved a multi-day celebration of his birthday, so an entire month is a home run!

I'm moving forward, but along with the painful moments, there is so much joy to look back on for so many years. Love you Artie! (The first picture is from his birthday in 1973......the year we were married).