"Make Every Day Your MASTERPIECE"

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today is the first anniversary of my husband Art's death. The first year has been a difficult journey, but has been made with the love and support of some pretty awesome friends. I'm sure he is celebrating in Heaven today..........he always did love attention, great food, and the control of the TV remote!

Also spending time putting together 3 new classes I will teach in the spring and I'm pretty excited about that! The classes will come under the umbrella theme of "Celebrating the Journey." I'm hoping that alot of new people will sign up.........you know who I mean........those that have artistic tendancies buried in their souls that have yet to be discovered and embraced!

So, I am off to celebrate the journey today.........of remembering Art and all the gentle, loving beauty he left as an imprint on this earth.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Journey

The journey to this blog has been long and full of joy..........and heartache. I spent 34 years working as an educator, and professional development provider and 16 years (of that 34) as an entrepreneur, as well as teaching business ownership to at-risk youth and doing international business education consulting. I've been involved in the arts in some capacity for my entire life. During 2009-2010 I was even the Director of an arts coalition made up of 17 arts organizations. But in November of 2009, life took a very unexpected turn when my husband Art was diagnosed with brain cancer. He quickly lost his battle on January 30, 2010. After an incredible 36 1/2 years as his wife, my battle with grief has continued. As the first anniversary approaches, and the healing process continues, I know that I need to focus on what feeds my soul........and that is art and the process of creation. I have always enjoyed writing, and am confident that it will aid healing, and so doing a blog at this time just seems to make sense!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Finally, after years of contemplation of blogging, I am finally building a blog! Imagine that. Perhaps it is the sunny day, or my sunny disposition which is the impetus for today. There is much yet to do to make this blog artistically pleasing, but I have been motivated by the example set by my friend Martha, on her blog at Mermaidscloset.blogspot.com. Perhaps she is simply making me feel like an underfunctioner...........I will need all of you viewing this to follow me, which will be my impetus for moving forward!