"Make Every Day Your MASTERPIECE"

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sand in my sheets......

A few days at the beach is always restorative. Especially for me. Bad timing with all that is going on, but necessary none the less. It is cool here though, about 10 degrees below normal. I hate that, but have walked on the beach just about every single day that the wind was not excessive. Any day you can feel sand in your toes that manages to get into your sheets can't possibly be a bad day. I have worked, because I can work from anywhere and I have reflected on the road that has brought me on a journey of more significant loss. And so it goes. And I have appreciated every wave, every shell, and the sound of the ocean.....after all, there is no greater sound, Other than that of the laughter of someone you love. I have much to be thankful for.....but let's face it.....holidays are tough. But yet, I have things to anticipate with joy: NYC and seeing A Magoo Christmas with musical direction by one of my favorite people John McDaniel....and the amazing surprise that we also have tickets to the after party! An evening of Stephen Schwartz music at Studio 54 Below. Getting together with friends. Giving gifts to people I love. But still just knowing and accepting that loss will mean times of tears and grieving. Significant loss is always hard but when it comes subsequent to the loss of Art, even harder to accept. Anxious to be back home, cleaning out my disaster of an art room and checking out the new floor in the guest room, continuing to purge so much stuff! But for the moment, there is sun to enjoy before returning to wintry weather!