"Make Every Day Your MASTERPIECE"

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am Alive!

I know. Everyone has given up on this blog. Me too.......for quite a while. 2012 was a year of alot of health challenges (serious case of pneumonia, several months of being legally blind, severe hair loss due to illness, a serious intestinal illness, a suspected blood clot and persistent lung issues) but doing Project Life reminds me that there were many glorious moments as well: ballroom dancing at DanceWithMe USA, a trip to Paris, spending precious time with loved ones, consulting with Virtual Enterprises International among many. I finally finished my PL for 2012 and have started 2013, which I intend to keep current with.

I am also doing ONE LITTLE WORD.......with Ali Edwards. I thought long and hard about the perfect word for me and have chosen GRACE for 2013. I have already found it to be life changing as a directional guide for me and am incorporating it into my PL 2013.

You can look forward to seeing some of my art/scrapbook stuff here during 2013. I also treated myself to a PictureMate Photo Printer, to be able to print some of my photos at home, based on the recommendation of Julie Fai-Fan Balzer. So far I am loving it!

I still have all my pictures from France to scrapbook, not to mention all the photos I plan to take while on a trip to Daytona and Miami a couple of months from now. But for now......I am celebraing all of the amazing ordinary moments of daily life!