"Make Every Day Your MASTERPIECE"

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where Does the Time Go?

So now it is 2014. The end of February almost. I didn't keep my promise to myself to blog more often. Darn. Sigh. I am also far behind my peers in my level of Candy Crush. Level 75 I think. I don't even know. I seem to be the master of wasting time because I don't know where these days go......

My consulting has expanded though. 7 states in the northeast instead of just upstate New York. That can keep one busy. Salting all the ice outside from this winter I hope to never be repeated. Twitter, facebook, email, guitar lessons, ballroom dance, traveling, reading.......and the list goes on. Is this the meaning of retirement? Yikes. I seem to be busy all the time though, so why do I feel lazy? Yet this is the slowed down version of me.

I am taking Ali Edwards class....31 Days. I love the way she has of using probing prompts to bring out our stories. Tell me more, she says. I stop from the every day tasks of purging and organizing to think and write my stories. Better than the minimal journaling required for Project Life. I need that inspiration for taking pictures too since Art was always my primary subject to photograph. He was the best......so full of life that always came across in pictures. Four years now. So much has changed during that four years. But the sadness remains and it is hard work to ensure that it doesn't become paralyzing.

Now I am off to make dinner before going to see Philomena......trying to soak in all of the contenders for Best Picture this year! Doing better than most years. I will do better this year with blogging. I know I will!