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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time is moving too quickly..........

I find it difficult to believe that February is almost half over already! I think I spent so much time enmeshed in living vicariously through all the lucky designers and retailers that were at CHA, peeking at all the new products and being excited at winning new Tim Holtz stamps and starting to Skype, that time has passed me by!

One accomplishment though was submitting all the necessary paperwork for 12 hours of classes I will be teaching over a 6 week period for Maryvale Continuing Ed. Registration will begin in 2 weeks and classes start at the beginning of May, so I am about to enter the process of preparing my class samples for 4 projects over that 6 week period.. I will share them here as they are completed. I'm hoping that registrants will be "new" to the world of art, and get hooked to continue to experience the journey of creativity. I will post the registration details as they become available over the next 2 weeks. I haven't taught any classes since Art got sick, so am excited to get back into it.

My world of entrepreneurship education is also about to explode in a flurry of activity as National Entrepreneurship Week arrives at the end of February. Seems like I might be facing 2 major conferences instead of 1, but touching over 500 potential business owners. LOVE the excitement of it! Go ahead.........say it.......it's not like I don't recognize the fact that I am crazy!

And then there is hosting that Academy Awards party.........yep, I am a true nut case! LOL. But I relaxed this past week, so theoretically I am well rested and energized. We. shall. see.

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